Police Chaplains Unit

Chaplain badge

The UFPD is actively seeking qualified candidates to fill the role of Police Chaplain. If you have any questions, or to apply for the open positions, please see the contact information at the bottom of this page.


Chaplaincy Unit’s Vision

The Chaplaincy Unit:
· Responds to emergencies
· Provides spiritual leadership and support to members of the UFPD
· Establishes and maintains good working relationships with spiritual and community leaders

Moral Values

The Chaplaincy Unit is committed to:
· Upholding the highest standard in morality and spiritual integrity
· Maintaining strict confidentiality
· Encouraging ecclesiastical and ethnic diversity
· Serving with professionalism

Law Enforcement Chaplain’s Philosophy

Believing that God is an answer to man’s dilemma, the Law Enforcement Chaplain
bears witness to the love and power of God for law enforcement officers, their fami lies,
other member of the department and the people they serve. Their pastoral care is offered
to all people regardless of race, gender, creed or religion.

What do Law Enforcement Chaplains do?

Chaplains serve at the discretion of the Chief of Police. They include representatives of all faiths who
volunteer their time without compensation. Through their training, call ing and professionalism a chaplain may be cal led upon to:

Respond to emergency situations such as:
· Suicide
· Death Noti fication
· Officer Injury
· Natural Disasters
· Shootings
· Fatal or Injury Vehicle Crashes
· Demonstrations
· Domestic Violence Disputes

Provide or Officiate at:
· Weddings
· Funerals
· Prayers at formal functions
· Liaison to other community clergy
· Hospital visitations
· Baptisms and dedications
· Teach/instruct classes dealing with marriage, family, communication, etc.

Chaplain Requirements
· Available for “Emergency On Call Duty”
· Commit to 10 hours per month
· Attend monthly Chaplain’s meetings
· Attend quarterly 4 hour training’s

Chaplain Qualifications
· Must have five 5 years of experience in the pastoral ministry and be over 21 years of age
· Must be licensed and or ordained in good standing with a local ecclesiastical body
· Must never have been convicted of a felony offense, nor any offense involving moral turpitude
· Must not be involved in any other business or profession that could be interpreted as a conflict of interest


Upcoming Training

The University of Florida Police Department will be hosting an upcoming Basic Police Chaplain Training. Participants will learn the core principles of Basic Chaplaincy by Certified International Conference of Police Chaplains Instructors. Click here for more information. If you would like to register for the training, please download the registration form here, fill it out, and email it back to Detective Marcus Brinson at mbrinson@ufl.edu.


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