Bicycle security information

Theft is the number one crime problem at the University of Florida and bicycles are the number one target. There are several simple steps you can take to make it more difficult for your bicycle to be stolen. Bicycle thefts are preventable by properly using a good lock and by taking these simple precautions.

The arrow in this photo points to the correct location to lock your bicycle

This is what can result when you don't lock your bicycle correctly

* Secure your bicycle to the bicycle racks with a quality hardened steel “U” type lock. Always lock your bicycle with the U-lock by putting the U-lock through the bike’s frame, a wheel, and the rack. This is especially important if your bicycle has quick-release tires.

* Place the lock on your bicycle with the key mechanism facing the ground. This will make it less likely for the mechanism to fail as a result of exposure to the weather and harder for a thief to tamper with.

* Avoid using cables, locking your bicycle to itself, or leaving it parked in the same place for a long period of time.

* Avoid putting a U-lock through only one wheel. The wheel can be removed. Then the frame and the remaining wheel can easily be stolen.

* If you have quick-release wheels, remove the front wheel and place it next to the rear wheel. Then put the U-lock through both wheels, the frame and the bicycle rack.

* Park and lock your bicycle in well- lighted areas.

* If your bike is stolen report it immediately. The more quickly the police are notified of a crime the more quickly you may get your bicycle back!

* Register your bicycle with the University Police Department. In the event that your bicycle is lost or stolen you will have a better chance of it being returned to you when recovered. This is a free service and any officer can assist you.

* Report any suspicious activities around bicycle racks.

* Avoid blocking building entrances, ramps, or handicap areas with your bicycle.

For further information on this or others safety topics please contact the University of Florida Police Department’s Community Services Division at 392-1409.