Emergency Blue Light Phone Information

As an added security measure, “Emergency Blue Light” non-dial, outdoor emergency
telephones are located at strategic points throughout campus, including all parking garages.

If you wish to see the actual locations of the Emergency Blue Light phones throughout campus, please
click on The campus map campusmap.ufl.edu. Once you go to the map, pleas check the block for Campus Safety and the map will automatically load all the phone locations. You will also see all the locations for the External Automatic Defriblators (AEDs) located throughout campus and the location of the University of Florida Police Department.

All total, there are currently more than 300 Emergency Blue-Light phones available for use on
campus. These phones are easily identified by the word “Emergency” and their distinctive blue
lights can be seen both day and night.




When the button is activated/pushed or the receiver is lifted (depending on the model of Emergency Blue Light phone) the caller is immediately placed in contact with the UFPD Dispatch Center. In addition to providing voice contact with a police dispatcher, the dispatcher will also know the caller’s precise location. These Emergency Blue Light phones are for emergency use only.


In addition to the emergency phones located throughout campus, all elevators in educational buildings have emergency phones with direct contact to the UFPD Dispatch Center as well. These phones are maintained by the Physical Plant Division (PPD) and all provide a system by which one can directly establish communication for reporting elevator or other emergencies.

All non-emergency incidents occurring on campus, including criminal o!enses, should be
reported to the UFPD at (352) 392-1111 (V/TDD) or come to the UFPD located at the corner of Museum Road and Newell Drive.