How to protect yourself in a parking garage

Utilizing parking garages is often a necessity on campus. Floowing these safety techniques could be your best defense.

Look around your vehicle for any suspicious activity. If you see someone loitering around your vehicle, walk past until they leave.

Don’t park next to a van’s sliding door.

Change from high heels to low flats or even sneakers when leaving work. They are better to run in.

At night, leave your office or building in the company of others. Don’t leave alone after dark. If possible, have someone from your building security escort you, or call for police assistance.

Approach your vehicle with your keys already in your hand.

Do a quick scan of your vehicle’s interior before unlocking the door. Be sure to look in the back seat.

Keep your doors locked and your windows shut.

Be suspicious of anyone approaching your vehicle, whether passing out leaflets or asking for donations. Always leave the car windows up.

If you must leave a key with a parking attendant, leave only your vehicle’s ignition key. Do not leave anything attached to it with your name and address.

For further information on this or others safety topics please contact the University of Florida Police Department’s Community Services Division at 392-1409.