How to protect yourself while shopping

Shopping can be a positive or negative experience depending upon what takes place while you visit the various stores. By following the safety tips listed below, we hope your next shopping trip will be a positive and enjoyable experience.

Avoid shopping alone. Try to shop with a friend or relative.

Park your vehicle in a well-lighted area. Put radar detectors and cellular telephones out of sight.

Know your surroundings. Keep an eye on the people in front of as well as behind you.

Carry your purse close to your body. Don’t swing it loosely. Don’t flash large amounts of cash.

Walk with confidence. Avoid talking to strangers.

Approach your vehicle with your keys already in your hand.

Try not to carry too many packages. Place all packages out of sight in your vehicle, preferably in the trunk.

Keep your vehicle doors locked and your windows shut.

If you see anything suspicious or if something just doesn’t feel right, leave immediately and contact security or the police.

For further information on this or others safety topics please contact the University of Florida Police Department’s Community Services Division at 392-1409.