Robbery prevention for individuals

When someone by force or threat takes property from you, that is a robbery. Many people will say, “I’ve been robbed” when referring to property taken from them when they were not present. The distinction is a small one to the lay person. However it makes a big difference in the way the police will respond to your call for help. When you report a robbery it is seen as a potentially life threatening incident and will get highest priority.

Personal robbery prevention can be summed up by a list of common sense tips. These suggestions may seem simplistic but they work!

* Stay tuned in to your surroundings. Being aware of what is happening around you.

* Walk briskly and confidently. Give an appearance of “don’t mess with me”.

* Avoid going to ATM machines after dark.

* When you are traveling on foot or in your car stay tuned in to your surroundings. If you sense something wrong leave the area immediately.

* Don’t flash large sums of cash, jewelry or other expensive items. They attract unwanted attention and may give a potential robber his target.

* Travel in groups to and from clubs. Avoid isolated areas, short cuts and deserted parking lots.

* If you have to use isolated areas, such as when you leave work late, have someone walk with you to your car. This applies to men and to women alike. Anyone can be the victim of a robbery.

* If you see someone suspicious, walk away. Go to an area where there are other people, bright lights or a telephone. Don’t be afraid to call the police if you suspect you are being followed. It could be the prelude to a robbery.

* If you are the victim of a robbery follow the instructions of the robber.

* Do not argue or attempt to fight with your assailant.

* Try to remember what the robber looks like, what he/she was wearing and call the police as quickly as possible.

* If you need a safety escort, please call UFPD 24/7 at (352) 392-1111, or the Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP) between the hours of 6pm-3am at (352) 392-SNAP

* Please follow UFPD on social media for safety information & other police services info: @UFPublicSafety on Twitter  & UFPublicSafety on Facebook

* Please also follow UF Alert (@UFAlert) for emergency information. Even if you are not a UF student, you can subscribe to the system to receive alerts.

These tips can not anticipate every possible situation. They can give you a basis for a plan to avoid personal robbery.

For further information on this or others safety topics please contact the University of Florida Police Department’s Community Services Division at (352) 392-1409.