Evidence and Property

The gathering and maintenance of property and evidence is an essential function of law enforcement duties. At the University of Florida Police Department, this function falls under the direction of the Criminal Investigations Division.

The department has very specific standards and directives that detail the documentation of possession, transfer of custody, security, accountability, and disposal of property or evidence that comes into the possession of the department.

The Evidence Custodian, as assigned by the Department Director, is responsible for supervising the chain of custody relating to property and evidence. When the department comes into custody or possession of property or evidence in the performance of official duties, strict documentation and records are required to be maintained. The property and/or evidence is also stored in restricted access areas within secured lockers. Through these strict storage requirements, the evidence is maintained within a verifiable chain of custody that serves to protect the material from theft as well as ensuring the evidence will not lose its evidentiary value in a court of law .

Another important function of the evidence custodian is to determine if found or recovered property must be stored or can it be promptly returned to the owner. In some cases, property or evidence can be photographed and returned so the owner is not deprived of the use of his or her property.

The Evidence Custodian is also designated as the Department’s Crime Scene Technician under the command of the Criminal Investigations Division. The Crime Scene Technician is responsible for crime scene duties and response to crime scenes of felony and serious misdemeanor offenses.

Should you have questions about the storing of property or evidence, or should you need to retrieve property from the department, please contact Officer Susan Pratt, Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm at (352) 273-3328 or send an email to UFPDLostandFound@admin.ufl.edu.

Property Auction:

Please visit the Surplus Property website located at http://fa.ufl.edu/am/surplus/.

Most buildings on campus, Residence Halls, and Villages have a lost and found, so please check with the Office/Desk for that Housing Area or building first.   After a certain time most Offices or Desks will transfer their lost property to us if it has not been claimed.

Below is a list of some of the places on campus that have lost and found:

Lost and Found Campus Locations
Architecture/Fine Arts Library
Bryan Hall
Florida Gym
Law Library Circulation Desk
Library East/Map Library
Library West
Little Hall/Math Department
Marston Science Library
Norman Hall/Business Office
O’Connell Center
Peabody Hall (Dean of Students)
Center for Performing Arts
Reitz Union
Shands Hospital (Security)
Southwest Recreation Center
Turlington Hall
University Athletic Association
University Auditorium
University Police Front Desk
UFPD Property Custodian
Weil Hall
Weimer Hall
Contact Info
352-392-2397 press 0
352-392-0578 x41606
352-265-0111  x44848
352-375-4683 x6800