Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find the current list for sexual offender/predators who live in my area?

In order to view those individuals who have been reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement from the Florida Department of Corrections and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles as being sexual offenders or predators, simply click on the link below and follow the instructions as indicated. This database provides what is perhaps the most current list available for this information. The University of Florida currently uses 32611 as its primary zip code and a search can be completed for that specific zip code. All other inquiries can be made for either Alachua county or the specific zip code for your area.The web site address for this information is:

Where can I obtain a copy of the Florida Driver’s Handbook?

In order to stay up with the latest technology and resource availability, the state of Florida has posted the Florida Driver’s Handbook on the world wide web. This information is readily available and can be used to prepare for the Florida’s Driver’s License Examination as well as answer many pertinent questions that may arise should you be cited for violating traffic rules and regulations. The web site address for this information is:

Where can I park my Motorcycle, Motor Scooter, Moped, or Bicycle?

Motorcycles and motor scooters may only be parked in specially designated campus motorcycle parking spaces, and a permit must be obtained from UF Parking Administration. They may never be parked at bicycle racks.

Mopeds are vehicles that can be ridden both by motor power or by use of foot pedal. When on the sidewalk, they may only be ridden by pedal power, never motor power!

Mopeds and bicycles may be parked at bicycle racks. No parking permit is necessary. None of these vehicles may be parked inside buildings, chained to handrails, or parked such that they block an entrance or wheelchair accessible ramp.

For more information on regulations concerning these vehicles, please contact UFPD Community Services at (352) 392-1409.

How can I appeal a parking citation, find out about parking restrictions or just get more parking information?

If you wish to get more information about all traffic and parking issues and concerns, the best source of information is available within the web site for Transportation and Parking Services at: This site has all the latest information pertaining to your parking questions.

When and where is the next University of Florida Police Department abandoned property/bicycle auction?

Please visit the Surplus Property website located at

What is SNAP and when does it run?

SNAP is the Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol designed to provide escorts to those that request it or those who use the service along the currently designated SNAP vehicle route. To learn more about the program, simply go to:

How can I get a copy of a police report or traffic citation?

As a state agency, the University of Florida is required to provide public records in accordance with Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes (FSS 119). In order to effectively meet that requirement, the University of Florida hosts an online Public Records Center to make it easy to request general UF records or police records. It also provides a section with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a way for users to monitor the progress of their requests online. The portal for the Public Records Center can be accessed here:

Public Records button

While it is highly encouraged that those seeking public information use our on-line Public Records Center system, anyone wishing to make a request is not required to do so. In accordance with FSS 119, those requesting public information are expressly permitted by law to make requests in any manner they choose (verbal, written, anonymous, etc.). Citizens and media representatives can also make public records requests for incident or traffic crash reports by coming to our department during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm or simply calling (352) 392-6651. Depending upon the amount of information requested and the size of the particular police report, you may however be charged the standard fee as described in Florida State Statute 119 for the information you request. Before any request is made therefore, it is recommended that you get an estimate of the cost involved with your request. You can contact the Records Section personnel at (352) 392-6651 for more information.

How can I view available crime prevention or informational brochures published by the department?

If you wish to view the currently available crime prevention and informational brochures, please go to the University of Florida Police Department’s Community Services Division web site. You will find all of our published brochures within that site in a PDF format. They can be viewed on-line or printed for future use. Please be sure to inform others and work to spread the word.