Bicycle Unit

An integral part of the University of Florida Police Department’s Patrol Division is the specialized Bicycle Patrol unit. The Bicycle Unit is staffed by 20 Officers from four different patrol shifts on a 24-hour basis. The UFPD Bicycle Unit is equipped with bicycles that are specially designed for continuous high stress use and training purposes. The Bicycle Unit is an extremely specialized unit that participates in many different patrol functions for UFPD.

All Bicycle Unit Officers receive training in an intense 40-hour law enforcement mountain bike training course. The course teaches officers bicycle laws, bicycle maintenance, health and nutrition, basic riding skills, tactical riding skills, and firearms training. The University of Florida Police Department teaches this course to qualified officers that request to be in the team, but also offers the course to all local law enforcement and emergency medical teams. In the past 10 years, over 200 officers have successfully completed the UFPD bike school.

The Bicycle Unit is a very effective law enforcement tool when dealing with the extremely crowded conditions found on campus today. Bicycle Officers can navigate the congested areas of campus and can respond to emergency calls for service much faster and efficiently than those in automobiles. Bicycle Officers can also travel in areas where a patrol car would be unsafe or impractical to use.

The Bicycle Unit Officers are very visible while patrolling campus and provide important safety information, while at the same time they can enforce traffic laws pertaining to bicycles and pedestrians. Bicycle Officers also assist in traffic control and are active in the community by participating in parades, shows, and educational programs.

The Bicycle Unit is extremely beneficial to the safety and security of the University of Florida. This highly trained group of officers is dedicated to utilizing bicycles to patrol campus while providing the security that is needed in the unique campus environment.

If you would like more information about the UFPD Bicycle Unit, please contact Lt. Billy Gainey at (352)273-3314, or email at