Campus Event Security / Special Events

The University of Florida Police Department (UFPD) is charged with planning and operational management of many special events on campus. UFPD works with the University Athletic Association (UAA) and many other departments to provide security for a diverse selection of events that occur at the University of Florida.


(Photo by University of Florida Athletic Association – Do not use without permission)

The department develops a unique written plan for handling each individual special event. The plan contains the number of staff needed, the responsibilities of those involved, crowd and traffic control, logistical and safety concerns, and the anticipated criminal activities that are associated with particular events. The written plan also establishes coordination with other law enforcement and support agencies should their assistance be required. A designated chain of command for every operation is established in advance and an individual is assigned to complete an after-action-report detailing circumstances arising from the event.

One of the largest special events the department commands are the University of Florida home Football games. A large amount of planning and resources are utilized during these events. While there is a tremendous amount of time spent coordinating these games, each aspect has been carefully rehearsed in the event a problem should arise. If you would like more information pertaining to the law enforcement support activity for the special events on the University of Florida campus, please contact our Special Events Staff below.

The University of Florida Police Department
Special Events Division

Special Events Coordinator: Lieutenant Alton McDilda
Special Events Assistant Coordinator: Officer Gregory Castronover
1521 Museum Road
P.O. Box 112150
Gainesville, FL 32611-2150
(352) 273-3314 or (352) 392-3345