J. Hillis Miller Health Science Center Police Office

The University of Florida Police Department provides 24 hour security for Shands Hospital and the Health Science Center (HSC) on the campus of the University of Florida. In an effort to better meet the needs of such a large complex, the department provides a uniformed police officer and a minimum of 2 Police Service Technicians (PSTs) everyday to patrol both inside and outside.

HSC PSTs also perform vehicle patrols of the parking lots, garages and exterior grounds of the complex and related buildings from 6:30 pm to 3:00 am daily. PSTs are non-sworn staff members that perform various security related duties under the supervision of the University of Florida Police Department (UFPD).

The police department also maintains an office on the ground floor of the Health Science Center (Room AG-131 General Services Building). Lieutenant Alton McDilda is the UFPD commander responsible for coordinating and managing UFPD operations at the Health Science Center and related facilities.

The PSTs at the HSC are responsible for securing the facility, providing escorts and general assistance to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors at Shands Hospital and the HSC. The office is the primary coordinator for security system related matters within the HSC Operations and Services Division. The office maintains and services security systems and databases, trains employees on the use and maintenance of security systems, and coordinates with University and Non-University staff on the development and maintenance of system functions, policies, and regulations.

The staff conducts monthly security meetings to discuss security matters within Shands Hospital and the HSC. By working in conjunction with the private Shands Hospital Security staff, the two entities can exchange information and implement/improve security provided at both Shands Hospital and the HSC.

As another service, the office provides fingerprinting (by appointment only) for University of Florida students, faculty and staff free of charge. Walk-in fingerprint service is also offered at the UFPD Patrol Services Building located at Museum Road and Newell Drive. We also assist walk-in traffic with help and information, act as liaison between Shands Hospital and the HSC, coordinate with departments for special events, and maintain a work place for officers and PSTs that are assigned to patrol the premises.

You can obtain information pertaining to Health Science Center Police Operations by calling Cpt. Bart Knowles (352)392-1560 or email at: bartknowles@ufl.edu.