Motorcycle Unit

The University of Florida Police Department currently operates five Harley Davidson motorcycles that are used throughout the various patrol shifts as necessary for specialized enforcement and/or duty. Each motorcycle is equipped with emergency lights, siren, specialized communications equipment, and is clearly marked with the department’s seal and police markings.

Motorcycle Unit 006


Each Motorcycle Officer has successfully completed an eighty (80) hour Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission (CJSTC) motorcycle operators course. All Motorcycle Officers must also possess a valid motorcycle endorsement on their driver license as required by state law.




The Motorcycle Officers perform many functions for the department and the university community to include, but not limited to traffic enforcement in high traffic areas in and around campus. The Motorcycle Officers also provide specialized functions, including escorts of dignitaries around campus. On the University of Florida home football game weekends, the Motorcycle Officers provide escorts and security for the team and band buses in addition to providing escorts for campus shuttles and handicap buses.

Should you have any questions about the Motorcycle Officers, please contact Major Brad Barber at (352)273-3309, or email at