Is the victim of stalking

Welcome! You have arrived at our web site designed to provide you with information about what to do if you, or someone you know, is the victim of stalking.

Most Importantly, Take Action!

Safety First!

  • Immediately notify law enforcement.
  • Inform everyone around you that you are being stalked. Describe the stalker so that they may alert you to his/her presence.
  • Tell the stalker to stop all contact. Do this ONLY ONCE! Afterwards, ignore the stalker no matter what the threat. Do not communicate with him/her again.
  • Walk or travel with a friend or in a group whenever possible.
  • Think ahead, have a safety plan, and never underestimate the potential for danger.

Criminal Charges

All 50 states have an anti-stalking law. UFPD and the Office of Victim Services can assist you if you believe that you are being stalked or harassed. UFPD and a victim advocate can help you file a police report and/or obtain a injunction (restraining order) if needed.

  • Save all evidence (letters, notes, e-mails, faxes, voice mail messages, “gifts,” etc.) and keep a journal documenting the stalker’s behaviors. Be specific.
  • Tape record obscene or threatening phone calls.
  • Compile a witness list.
  • Notify law enforcement of any further contact.


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