Victim Assistance Web Sites


Welcome! You have now arrived at our website designed to provide links which can be used to gain further information and even more in-depth resources for your use in times of need. While the University of Florida Police Department can’t be responsible for the content contained within each website, we do feel they have some helpful information you may find useful. As you visit some websites, you may need to search that site for specific information which pertains to crime victim information. If you are aware of other websites that may also be useful to victims of crime, please feel free to send their addresses, along with a brief description of the site to Naomi Harrell, Hailey Brown, or Andrea Y Palmer at

Florida Attorney General’s Crime Victims Services Home Page

Gainesville Police Department’s Anonymous Sexual Battery Reporting Site

Florida Network of Victim/Witness Services

National Center For Victims of Crime

Security On Campus Inc.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Organization of Victim Assistance (NOVA)

Florida Attorney General’s Web Page

Florida Department of Corrections

Florida Department of Law Enforcement

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

Florida Council Against Sexual Violence – Domestic Abuse and Addiction – Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Florida