What to do if you or someone you know is victimized

Welcome! You have now arrived at our website, designed to provide links which can be used to gain further information and even more in-depth resources for your use in times of need. Although these resources may be helpful to you, if you have been the victim of a crime, we also recommend that you speak with a victim advocate about your specific situation. A victim advocate can provide you with information regarding your victimization, and can assist you with determining what your individual needs may be.

In order to view the information, simply click on the subject title listed below. If you need information that is currently not included in our list of subjects, please contact the Office of Victim Services at (352) 392-5648 or (352) 392-1111, and we will provide you with the requested information.

I, or someone I know,…

Was raped

Went on a date and may have been sexually assaulted

Is being hit or abused by a spouse or partner

Would like information and/or assistance in filing for a restraining order

Needs help finding a domestic violence shelter

Was the victim of a crime and is not sure what to do now

Am being harassed and/or threatened

Is the victim of stalking

Would like to speak with a counselor

Would like to know what presentations are offered by the Office of Victim Services


University of Florida Policy on Sexual Assault: