Would like information and/or assistance in getting a restraining order

Welcome! You have now arrived at our web site designed to provide you with information about what to do if you, or someone you know, would like information and/or assistance in getting a restraining order. If someone is abusing, threatening, stalking or harassing you, you may want to call a victim advocate. A victim advocate can help you with medical, legal and counseling services. A victim advocate can be reached at (352) 392-5648 or (352) 392-1111.

How to obtain an Injunction for Protection:

  • To apply for an Injunction for Protection (restraining order) you must go to the Civil Division of the Clerk of the Court office in any county in Florida (see phone numbers below). A victim advocate will assist you in filling out paperwork.
  • First, a judge may issue a temporary order. Within two weeks a hearing for a permanent order is held. Both you (the petitioner) and the abuser (the respondent) will receive separate notices stating the time and location of the hearing. At the time of the hearing, you and the respondent will be present and be able to speak to the Judge.
  • To get a permanent order, you must be present at the hearing – but you do not have to go alone. A victim advocate may be available to accompany you. You can call the UFPD Office of Victim Services to speak with a victim advocate about accompanying you to the hearing. Also, a friend or a relative may accompany you. You do not need to get an attorney to get an Injunction for Protection.
  • In an emergency situation on a weekend, holiday, or after hours, a temporary Injunction may be obtained. Call your local law enforcement agency for information on how to get an emergency Injunction. A UFPD victim advocate can also be reached in an emergency situation on a weekend, holiday, or after hours by calling (352) 392-1111.


Violation of the Injunction for Protection:

  • Keep in mind that your partner may choose to violate the Injunction. Be sure to keep a copy of the Injunction with you at all times. If your partner approaches you and you feel that you are in danger, call 911 or your local law enforcement immediately. If you choose not to call law enforcement, you can file a violation report with the Clerk of Court.
  • A violation of the Injunction is a criminal offense. However, you should not let that knowledge give you a false sense of security. If you do not feel safe, you might consider staying at a friend or relative’s home for a while. You can also contact the Domestic Violence shelter in your area for assistance. See “needs help finding a domestic shelter.”


Clerk of the Court Domestic Relations
*Alachua County: Gainesville
(352) 374-3636

*Baker County: Macclenny
(904) 259-8113

*Bradford County: Starke
(904) 966-6280

*Dixie County: Cross City
(352) 498-1200

*Duval County: Jacksonville
(904) 630-1130

*Gilchrist County: Trenton
(352) 463-3170

*Levy County: Bronson
(352) 486-5266

*Marion County: Ocala
(352) 671-5610

*Union County: Lake Butler
(386) 496-3711